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CannaKoru Wholesale CBD Hemp


With over a decade worth of experience, our team of licensed doctors and PhD botanists know how to grow, extract, and create the perfect full spectrum hemp formulas for optimal wellness.

Wholesale Application

Thank you for your interest in CannaKoru. Our Director of Operations will be in touch shortly.

CannaKoru Organic Hemp

Knowledge is powerful, and so is nature. When it comes to your wellness, we want you to know all our products are created with organically cultivated, pesticide-free hemp, certified organic botanicals, and US-grown mushroom mycelium and fruitbody extracts.

CannaKoru Eco-Friendly CBD

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword, but is a way of life and continual mission for us.

We maintain a comprehensive fair trade certification in accordance with the Fair for Life standard. Every ingredient we use is always sourced from sustainable and fair trade farms.

CannaKoru Non-GMO Hemp

Every plant starts as a seed. Large scale hemp production is not possible without a consistent high-quality seed supply. Our farmers have been breeding seed lines using traditional breeding approaches combined with  cutting-edge plant genome analysis methods.

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