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Dr. Joseph Cohen,

Physician and Medical Director of Holos Health

After completing his residency training in conjunction with the Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Cohen spent 30 years working with patients in obstetrics and gynecology. He was in his early 60s when he needed a change of pace. After all, he’d assisted nearly 10,000 women and families through the birthing process. Not easy.

However, Cohen never imagined his next career would be in cannabinoid medicine where he’d go on to impact approximately 25,000 patients at the clinical level.

That pivotal moment, his segue into cannabis, came in 2009. Dr. Cohen had just returned to the U.S. after a few years of working with indigenous tribes in New Zealand. 

When he took a job counseling medical cannabis patients at the back of a dispensary, it changed his life forever. 

“I had no idea I’d be doing cannabis medicine. Never had any thoughts about it. However, once I started working with it, I began to realize there may be something to this medicine.” 

“I realized I could actually combine cannabinoid  medicine with functional medicine in a medical practice and really help people,” Cohen says.

This is exactly what Cohen has been doing for the past eleven years with his practice Holos Health, combining cannabis and functional medicine.

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Ryan Lynch, PhD,

Co-Founder of Boulder Hemp Farm

Ryan began channeling his lifelong passion for horticulture and botany to assist with small scale grow facility development during the early emergence of legal Cannabis cultivation in Colorado. He was awarded the first PhD based on Cannabis Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder.


At the University of Colorado Boulder, he developed a series of PhD projects that focused on the analyses of DNA sequence information to understand biological diversity, function and evolution. While his research was initially directed towards soil-dwelling microorganisms, Ryan eventually brought his attention above ground by helping to bring Cannabis genome and plant science research to Colorado University.


Through the analysis of population-level Cannabis genome datasets, Ryan identified various potential heterotic populations from the fragmented global Cannabis germplasm resources currently available to breeders. This large-scale bioinformatics project set the stage for his long-term Cannabis breeding program, which was also initially launched at CU Boulder, where he performed initial test crosses and inbreeding of European and Asian hemp varieties in the first authorized campus Cannabis cultivation facility.

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Jeremy Widmann, PhD,

Co-Founder of Boulder Hemp Farm

Jeremy attended the University of Colorado Boulder where he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry, focusing on RNA evolution and function.  His work focused on large scale computational analyses, studying patterns in RNA sequences across all domains of life, giving insight into the origin of life from an RNA world. 


Interested in human health and genomics, Jeremy took a position at the molecular diagnostic startup, ArcherDx.  As Asst. Director of NGS Assay Design, he developed the software suite used to design Archer’s human cancer diagnostic tests.  


Jeremy’s experience with Cannabis includes over a decade of cultivation, implementation of an extraction facility in a commercial cannabis grow, and most recently as Co-Founder of Boulder Hemp Farm. Combining his passion for cannabis, evolution and human health, Jeremy hopes to aid in development of hemp-based personalized medicine. 


When he’s not in one of our cultivation facilities or in the lab formulating new products, you’ll find Jeremy on the track racing his motorcycles or up in the mountains hiking and fishing.



Christopher Shade, PhD,

CEO, Founder of Quicksilver Scientific

Dr. Chris Shade is one of the best nanoemulsification specialists in Colorado. Dr. Shade founded Quicksilver Scientific, a cGMP certified company that uses the same high-tech equipment, rigorous processes, and tight particle size controls used by pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to developing advanced nanoemulsification systems, he has patented a mercury speciation diagnostic process to analyze human toxicity, founded the only clinical lab in the world offering mercury speciation analysis, and has designed cutting edge systems of nutraceuticals for detoxification and antioxidant protection, including advanced phospholipid delivery systems for both water- and fat-soluble compounds.


His Quicksilver Delivery Systems® nanoparticle technology increases the bioavailability of supplements and protocols leading to higher efficacy products. 

To learn more about the study showing the increase of his nanoemulisifcation bioavailability can be viewed here  and here.

Amy Silverman

Registered Nurse

Amy earned her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University where she studied music, environmental science, and yoga.


After working as a music teacher she went back to medical school to become a Registered Nurse. Amy has worked in healthcare for the past 6 years, primarily in cardiology and geriatrics. 


She was initially introduced to cannabinoid medicine in 2008, and has been an advocate and educator for medical cannabis community ever since.


When not assisting patients, Amy works with the State of Colorado legislature, cannabis lawyers, and other cannabinoid advocates to create transparency and regulations for the cannabinoid industry.


She is passionate about cannabis education and believes that the medicinal power of the hemp plant helps us to integrate the different aspects of ourselves while promoting balance in our lives. 


She enjoys Latin dancing, skiing, cooking and writing.  


Lauren Grant

Director of Operations

Lauren has a background in not only the medical field (from pre-medical studies at the University of Miami to obtaining a natural health degree from the College of Natural Health to Clinical Medical Herbal studies with certified herbalists at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism) but also obtained a B.S in Sociology and a B.A. in Visual Anthropology from New College of Florida (the states prestigious honor college).  


Before becoming the Director of Operations at CannaKoru, Lauren was a surgical assistant, and dermatology product developer.

Lauren is obsessed with cannabinoid, clinical herbal and mycology research and development. In her spare time can be found backcountry adventuring and involved in local and federal public land conservation efforts.

If you are interested in creating a wholesale account with CannaKoru, please reach out to Lauren at



While it’s important to speak with a doctor about serious medical conditions, not all people using CBD need to be under a doctor’s supervision. Our highly trained registered nurses are available to answer questions about dosing for a variety of medical conditions.



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Our doctors offer 30 and 60 minute phone consults. These consults are recommended for those with serious medical conditions, such as: cancer and autoimmune diseases.